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Sleep Study Room

Patient bedrooms are comfortably furnished with queen size bed, cable TV, reading lamp and WiFi.

Starlight Sleep Study Room

Do you have questions about what a sleep study will be like?

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Have You Nodded Off
Watching TV?
After lunch?
Working alone after lunch?
Conversing with a friend?
Sitting in an audience?
Sitting at a red light?
Having Trouble
Falling asleep?
Staying asleep?
Tossing and turning?
With snoring?

If you checked four or more boxes, you may have a sleep disorder. Please discuss with your physician.

Reception Area

Starlight reception desk

The Sleep Lab Coordinator will greet you at the reception desk and assist in completion of all necessary paperwork.

We Work with Your Physician

Better Sleep...Better Health

The Polk Starlight Sleep Lab is a freestanding sleep testing facility for the diagnosis and treatment of various sleep disorders. If your physician has recommended you have a sleep study for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Narcolepsy or Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome, please call our lab to schedule. Sleep studies are covered by most major insurance plans.


I may have a sleeping problem.

What is my next step?

Your sleepiness may affect your health and others' safety. You should seek the advice of a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Evaluate yourself with the questions in the right column.


  Physicians Who Read Our Studies

Jimmy Chan-Pong, M.D. Thane Htun, M.D. Aung Naing, M.D. Mathew Vadaparampil, M.D.

Selected Central Florida Physicians Alliance Members

Jose Acuna, M.D. Rubin Adriano, M.D. Jose Aguayo, M.D.
Susan Aguiar, M.D. Ernesto Aguilera, M.D. Ahmed Q. Aidoo. M.D.
Hiba Al-Dabagh, M.D. Osama Al-Suleiman, M.D. Prudencio Aqui, M.D.
Omar Aref, M.D. Marcella Arguedas, M.D. Sami Baddoura, M.D.
Wendell Blake, M.D. Luis Carrillo, M.D. Maria Concepcion, M.D.
Roxann Cook, D.O. Byron Dean, D.O. Terrance Delikat, D.O.
Jean Desgranges, M.D. Gitika Dham, M.D. Taha Dias, M.D.
Ibrahim Elkhayat, M.D. Patricia Eseverri, M.D. Saeid Farhadi, M.D.
Luis Favilli, M.D. Iulia Funieru, M.D. Youssef Ghaly, M.D.
Michael Paul Gimness, M.D. Tariz Irfan, M.D. Jeetendra Issar, M.D.
Rekha Issar, M.D. Alvaro Jarquin, M.D. Armando Jimenez, M.D.
Oji Joseph, M.D. Halide Kattan, M.D. Avinash Khanna, M.D.
Sam Korley, M.D. Srinath Kosanam, M.D. Bruce Kottke, M.D.
Khin Latt, M.D. Kulmeet Kundias, M.D. Kyaw Latt, M.D.
Josephine B. Lim, M.D. Jelena Lincina, M.D. Ratnamani Lingamallu, M.D.
Raphael Lopez, M.D. Raul Lopez, M.D. William Malzone, M.D.
Edgar Martorell, M.D. Herman Matallanna, D.O. Sukumar Mathan, M.D.
Toe Toe Maung, M.D. Alexander Mbakwem, M.D. Kyaw Min, M.D.
Zaw Min, M.D. Raquelle Ministre, M.D. Magdalena Misuirek, M.D.
Richard Nichols, M.D. Philip S. Owen, M.D. Ashish Pal, M.D.
Adam Parker, D.O. Harpeet Patheja, M.D. Edwin Pena, M.D.
Ricardo Perez, M.D. Alner Quinonez, M.D. Perwais Rahim, M.D.
Monica Rivera-Amill, M.D. Mary Quillinan, D.O. Greto Ramos, M.D.
Eric Ranon, M.D. Ashok Reddy, M.D. Carlos Romero, M.D.
Pedro Ruiz, M.D. Rahim Salari, M.D. Benjamin Sandoval, M.D.
Vera Saprounova, M.D. Alicia Saunders, M.D. Sergio Seoane, M.D.
Japinder Singh, M.D. Tamika Singh, M.D. Uzi Talit, M.D.
Raul Tallo, M.D. Bradley Tan, M.D. Hugo Tapia, M.D.
Janivara Umesh, M.D. VJ Tristram Vailoces, M.D. Finah Vida, M.D.
Ricardo Vilches, M.D. Marwan I. Zheiman, M.D.